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A bachelor's degree or baccalaureate is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by colleges and universities upon completion of a course of study lasting three to six years (depending on institution and academic discipline).


A master's degree is an academic degree awarded by universities or colleges upon completion of a course of study demonstrating mastery or a high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice.


A doctorate or doctor's degree or doctoral degree is an academic degree awarded by universities, derived from the ancient formalism licentia docendi.

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Binet Universitas

Binet Universitas is a higher education institution providing distance education online. Binet Academy's online education-based model is supported by competent academics from different universities across Europe. Binet Academy is a corporate educational institution that aims to introduce the systematic and successful education system of Europe to the world countries with its online education model, and to educate its students at European Union standards by starting from the local and spreading the university education to the global.

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This university helped me find myself.

Paul Srabir

I had a hard time in the exams, but my perspective on life has changed.

Renia Carbins

Thanks to distance education, I did not miss my lessons even when I was working.

Cuzadia Yrissia

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Business management conference announcement.[Event Completed](05/27/22)




Business management conference announcement. May 27, 2022 [Event Completed]

Business management conference announcement. May 27, 2022 [Event Completed]

Attention participants!

The business management conference will be held on May 27, 2022 via Zoom. Information messages will be sent to e-mail addresses on the day of the conference.

Presenters are requested to have their work ready.

- Event Completed -

The "Business management and specialization" event with 40 participants concluded with successful presentations.

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Binet Universitas, curtailed as BiU, is an internet based advanced education establishment established in Clifton center in 2004. It expects to advance the distance schooling models in Clifton center and Europe with web based training and to arrive at enormous masses in nations with portrayals through the web-based framework. By acclimatizing the understudy focused schooling model by consolidating it with association models, BiU has fostered a framework that demonstrates the way that the web can be utilized gainfully in advanced education. Having embraced the vocation college model, BiU is identical to numerous internet based college models in Europe and the United States, and for the individuals who have not finished their advanced education in light of multiple factors, to finish their schooling, to add to their self-improvement and to add to their self-improvement. It intends to foster their vocations. The adjustment based school system, which will carry the person to the very front, not the organization, upheld by different modules, will permit progressed and quick learning. ır. It has effectively taken part in certification concentrates in each climate it is in, has created itself on a lifelong premise by finishing its powerful schooling, and has embraced the mission of raising people with working capability. Simultaneously, it arranges deliberate preparation exercises and doesn't assign material charges in numerous preparation stages it completes by stressing the limitlessness of instruction.

Binet Universitas works in Clifton center, England, the United States and different nations with its compelling portrayal and scholastic staff. The halfway conventional schooling model acclimatizes the conveyance of instruction over the web at specific rates and officially at specific rates. Universität moves its web-based instruction model to its understudies through its counsel scholarly staff.The organization proceeds with its schooling and preparing in 3 unique dialects as indicated by the understudies' decision. These are English, German and French. Understudy enrollments and preparation phases are given on the site.

Binet University is an advanced education foundation giving distance instruction on the web. Binet Univeristas's web-based training based model is upheld by skillful scholastics from various colleges across Europe.Uniaversität is a corporate instructive organization that intends to present the deliberate and fruitful schooling system of Europe to the world nations with its internet based training model, and to teach its understudies at European Union norms by beginning from the nearby and spreading the advanced degree to the worldwide.

Warning: This institution does not distribute diplomas. It does not ask for fees. It aims to provide higher education voluntarily. It provides education at the degree level, not the degree. The students who apply are accepted or rejected according to their request, education, job and occupation.








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 What is Distance Education?

Distance Education is a teaching method in which communication and interaction between those who plan and implement educational studies and learners are provided from a certain center through specially prepared teaching units and various environments in cases where it is not possible to carry out in-class activities in traditional learning-teaching methods. Again, we can define distance education as follows; It is an institutional educational activity where students, teachers and teaching materials in different places are brought together through communication technologies.

Why Distance Education

Lifelong learning is necessary.

It is an education system that can serve a wide range of students.

It is indispensable for those who do not benefit from traditional education.

It can offer training services with different applications to the target audience consisting of individuals with different qualifications.

Increasing, changing and diversifying knowledge and skills.

It is economical. (The unit costs are cheap)

It is a system that can offer a wide variety of communication technologies to education service.

It is student centered.



Institutions providing distance education services generally have the qualifications to provide education at a global level. For more than 100 years, educational institutions in Europe (especially England and France) have been providing distance education services to their citizens working in overseas countries or dealing with trade.


The most distinctive feature of the Traditional Education system in the East and West is the face-to-face communication of the instructor and the student. This type of education is generally organized according to the general level of the group rather than the different intelligence and learning abilities of the students. Customization: The distance education system takes the student from the classroom environment and moves them to a position where they can be trained individually. In this system, institutional learning is replaced by learning customized for individuals.


It has become inevitable to open distance education institutions in order to respond quickly and effectively to the increasing education demands of people, similar to the establishment of related industries to meet the increasing need of a large mass for a product.

Serving students who are not eligible for Traditional Education:

Distance education is an education system preferred by millions of people around the world every year. However, it is an expected choice for those who do not have the opportunity to attend the lesson hours in the relevant educational institution in terms of space / time (full-time employees - civil servants, soldiers - those living in a different city / country).


In the 1980s, fixed computer conferencing systems and two-way video conferencing systems were used to communicate over long distances, but nowadays, portable computers and mobile phones have begun to be used at a significant level.

Quick feedback:

Today, thanks to distance education, students can send their assignments via e-mail from anywhere in the world at any time of the day and receive the evaluation results of their studies on WWW in the same way.

Cheap compared to other education systems:

Distance education is the cheapest among education systems, except when the investment in infrastructure is very high, the fees per student are higher than Traditional Education, or there are not enough students to cover the investment cost.

Technology and Education:

Virtual classrooms can be connected to each other using satellite or compressed video encoding or full bandwidth, so that people can receive face-to-face training even if they are in remote locations.

Advantages of Distance Education

Distance education is a teaching method that provides communication and interaction between those who plan and implement educational studies and learners from a certain center through specially prepared teaching units and various environments in cases where classroom activities cannot be carried out due to limitations in traditional learning-teaching methods.