The nutrition and dietetics is a science that examines the methods of nutrition and the most appropriate nutrition and diet programs for human health.

Occupational Importance Is Increasing

Obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, digestive system, cancer and many diseases are increasing along with the health problems caused by malnutrition. For this reason, the profession of dietetics is gaining importance for prevention of diseases which caused by malnutrition and regulation of the current situation. The study areas of nutrition and dietetics professionals are nutrients, nutrition methods, diets, the amount of nutrient intake, type, frequency, regulation of the places of mass nutrition and nutrition of standing and underlying patients.

Those working in the field of nutrition and dietetics carry out studies that will contribute to the promotion of health level in a wide perspective from the protection and development of health to the treatment of diseases.

The New Dietitians Getting Ready for the Profession

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of Binet University offers solutions for identifying, eliminating and creating social consciousness in this field, preparing diet programs for the treatment of diseases, translating scientific data into practical dietary recommendations, determining the individual nutritional patterns, providing health-related fitness in the community nutrition centers, providing professional and ethical values to train specialists. The graduates of this department receive the title ‘dietician’.


In the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, the laboratory practices of experimental and skill-related subjects are included with basic sciences and professional courses. In addition to the syllabus that will give scientific fundamentals to the students such as Nutrition Principles, Basic Chemistry, Basic Psychology, Anatomy, Medical Biology and Genetics, and there are professional courses such as Nutrition Biochemistry, Nutrition Ecology, Food And Nutrient Interaction, Nutrition Methods, Nutrition Of Cancer Patients, Nutrition In The Elderly, Nutrition In The Pregnancy.

What are the Working Areas of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department?

The obesity and diabetes are among the most threatening problems in society and it causes the need for dieticians is increasing. In this framework, there are many job opportunities in public institutions and private health sector. The graduates find jobs in public and private hospitals, health institutions such as universities, public health centers, food industries, catering industry, food factories, hotel food and beverage departments, all private and public institutions where mass nutrition is performed. There are also advantages in this area as the food and nutrition issues in the fields of research and academic career reach a large proportion. The graduates of the department have the opportunity of career as an administrator in the food production facilities.