Business Administration

 Division of Business Administration means to prepare qualified chiefs who can work in the low and undeniable level administration of public or private area associations running in the nation and abroad, have high investigation and combination abilities, have an unmistakable key contemplating advancement and embrace innovative work exercises. The instructive program goes on for a long time. During this period, it is meant to furnish understudies with business information, empower understudies to tackle the issues experienced in the expert sense, to foster elective arrangements, to give the standards of expert morals as a general rule, to continually screen the modernization in the calling and furthermore to involve the techniques and approaches in the expert field in a powerful way.

The cycle means to furnish the understudies with the important information and abilities in the fields of arranging, overseeing and regulating business to expand the proficiency of organizations and associations in all fields. To accomplish these objectives, courses of arithmetic, insights, financial aspects, social science, regulation, creation the executives and advertising, the board and association, bookkeeping and money, and IT are educated. The division began training effectively in 2009-2010 scholarly year.


To add to the universe of science by creating information on a widespread scale; to prepare specialists and useful people who are delicate to the real factors of the nation and the world, socially prepared, besides who can break down the issues experienced in organizations or associations, who can deliver sane and logical answers for issues, who can follow advancements in the globalizing scene; at last it plans to work to work on the personal satisfaction of the general public based on local and public necessities.


To be an exploration and training establishment that creates hierarchical binds with the public and global universe of science and innovation, adds to worldwide science, and has a solid corporate culture and personality. In the globalizing universe of the 21st century, it seeks after to, not set in stone and diligent directors who can rapidly follow the advancements of the age, investigate the issues they face and battle in the serious climate of the age.