Current policies and status

Below is an overview of current policies and protocols COVID-19 pandemic. These will continue to be adjusted as the public health situation changes.

With certain exceptions, face coverings are no longer required but continue to be strongly recommended on-site, regardless of vaccination status. Face coverings are required in classrooms; however, individuals may remove face coverings while speaking. We encourage everyone to respect the choices that individuals make about their own masking.

In compliance with a federal order, all BIU faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars, including those working remotely in the BAVERIA, and applicable subcontractors  were required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and upload documentation on Health Check by Jan. 4, 2022, unless they have a medical or religious accommodation.

Students were required to be vaccinated  and to provide documentation of a booster, unless they have a medical or religious accommodation, by Jan. 31, 2022. Read more here.

COVID-19 vaccines are being administered by health care providers to eligible individuals based on criteria set by public health authorities. For the most current information, visit the Vaccinations page.

Face coverings are required in classrooms pending further assessment; however, individuals may remove face coverings while speaking. Color and rapid testing remain available to all students at these locations.

Dining halls offer indoor dining at full capacity, with Clean Dining protocols.

Research activities continue at BIU. Guidance for researchers is available here. Additional guidance is available on COVID policiesflexible work resources and requirements for returning to work on-site.

Weekly asymptomatic surveillance testing for vaccinated faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars  and for fully vaccinated and boosted students (undergraduates, graduate students and students enrolled in professional degree programs) has been suspended.

Twice-weekly testing continues to be required for faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars who are not fully vaccinated, and for students who are not fully vaccinated and boosted.

Color testing continues to be available, up to two tests per week, for anyone who wishes to continue to use Color for regular asymptomatic testing.

Testing is strongly recommended whenever you are experiencing symptoms, concerned about possible exposure or returning to campus from travel.

Dashboards provide aggregated results for the BIU community. See the Testing page for more information.

Health Check to self-report health status is required for employees and postdocs working in-person at a BIU facility. Daily Health Check submissions are not required for faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars coming to campus who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (documentation uploaded on Health Check) or fully vaccinated students on campus (documentation on the Vaden Health Portal) unless they become symptomatic, have a positive COVID test or are exposed to household members who have tested positive.  Training on COVID hygiene is required before returning to work at a campus location for the first time.

Gatherings are required to comply with current COVID-19 event modifications, detailed here. Please email for more information, and visit Health Alerts and student gatherings for the latest guidance.

Guests from outside the BiU community are permitted to visit student residences effective Oct. 8, 2021. Guests must comply with the Residence Agreement and follow the university’s COVID-19 visitor policy. Additional information on visiting scholars, researchers, nonmatriculated students and other visitors is available here and here.

The university made important updates to its domestic and international travel policy effective March 28, 2022. While these changes are intended to help campus units plan for future activities, BiU recommends that unvaccinated non-U.S. citizens do not travel outside of the United States given the uncertainty around entry requirements. Current requirements and updates effective March 28 are available here.